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We are Giving Away

AfroDex project is a 100% airdrop community based ecosystem, therefore we reward our community more often than any other community with airdrops and raindrops which comes with zero cost to our members.

In addition, over time holders of airdrop tend to dump, so we have deviced a way to exclude dumpers from further airdrops.

Also we will rewards holders with more Future airdrops, more importantly we will reward our different stakeholders.

There's actually an opportunity for everyone to make real money in AfroDex Labs ecosystem

AfroDex is designed to make recurring income from trading fees.

AfroDex only charges liquidity takers a fee of 0.3%

Please note that there is a Zero fee for all liquidity makers

In addition to trading at zero fee on AfroDex, Liquidity makers also get paid every Friday in Ethereum or tokens they deposited as the transactions happen or as the case maybe.

Aside constant community & holders Airdrops, AfroDex has a fee share ratio which guarantees that 75% of all funds generated from transaction fees is distributed to the community.

Only 15% is retained for office running, Server maintenance, developers salary + while 10% goes towards charity through AfroDexFoundation.org

25% AfroX Token stakeholders

Distributed every 27th of every month

AfroDex (AfroX) is holds a 50% Revenue Share of all Fees Collected by AfroDex through Transaction fees, on 27th of every month we will send revenue in ETH to AfroX Stake Holders (to be eligible you have to use our staking dapp platform on Ethereum blockchain to stake a minimum of 1billion AfroX, the more you stake, the more you get) If a wallet is holding 1 percent AfroX staked supply, the wallet will get 1% share of all fees allocated for stakeholders Revenue sharing. To stake your AfroX token, please read our medium for guide and use any of the links below;




50% Liquidity pool providers

Distributed every Monday in every week

In addition to zero fee for setting the liquidity on AfroDex exchange, all liquidity providers whose orders were taken will get share of the 50% fees we receive from the trade ( which is 0.15%). — in this case, there is no minimum or maximum trade amount. To participate in this option. You have to fill the trading competition Form:- https://bit.ly/2DYKmzx (Remember to Tick Liquidity provider in the form)

How to Join AfroDex Airdrop

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AfroDex Labs Exchange
AfroDex Labs Exchange
AfroDex Labs Exchange