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Join our Monthly Trading Competition & Win a Share of $100,000 in prizes from AfroDex Labs

Dear AfroDexian,

Join our Trading Competition and win a share of about $100,000 in total prizes!

AfroDex is holding a trading competition exclusively for traders and you're invited!

The competition starts at 0:00 AM (GMT+1) of 28th of every month and will last till 0:00 AM (GMT+1) of the next month, with a total prize pool of over 100,000 USD in supported tokens; AfroX, AFDLT, PLAAS, T1C, 1CT, EST & LWB

All you need to do is to be an active trader on or, and trade at least $100 daily with your wallet to qualify.

It's that simple.

The more you trade, the more chances of winning you get!

What's in it for you?

Every month till the price pool finishes, there will be draws as follows;-

  • 1st place - 2,000 USD in pooled tokens
  • 2nd place - 1,500 USD in pooled tokens
  • 3rd place - 1,000 USD in pooled tokens
  • 4th place - 750 USD in pooled tokens
  • 5th place - 500 USD in pooled tokens
  • 6th place - 250 USD in pooled tokens
  • 7th to 10th place - 125 USD in pooled tokens for each

We also have Liquidity pool airdrop for every market making trade that is executed. Want to learn more about the Liquidity pool airdrop? Read our medium article or and learn how to participate and maximize your chances!

Fill this form to register for the trading competition giveaway;

You can check your status in the competition here on this page:-

Ready to start trading AfroDex?

Read our guides and improve your performance.

AfroDex Trading Guide;

Risk Warning: Cryptocurrency trading is a highly risky endeavor, with the potential for both great profits and significant losses.

Please be aware that in the event of extreme price movement, there is a chance that all assets you placed on our order book will be liquidated from your wallet.